Wakefield Quin Announces Legal Scholarship Awards

  • February 2022

Wakefield Quin has awarded its 2021 Legal Scholarships to Kyra Dunstan and Angelica Wales.

Ms. Dunstan commenced working at WQ in the summer of 2020, as a summer intern, and has successfully completed the two-year accelerated LLB program at the University of Exeter. Ms. Dunstan, who also possesses a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario, will commence her Legal Practice Course this month. Ms. Dunstan said, “I am grateful to WQ for its continued support of my legal education for the second year. Also, I am extremely thankful to have been selected as a summer intern at WQ over the last two years, as the knowledge and experience I have gained from this experience has been invaluable.”

WQ has also chosen Angelica Wales as an award recipient. Ms. Wales, who is also a summer intern at the law firm, is currently completing her LLB at the University of Kent and is due to graduate in 2022. When reflecting on her experience, Ms. Wales said, “I am delighted to have been selected as a recipient for the 2021/22 academic year. I have learned so
much and I am very grateful for all of the experience
I have gained.”

Erik Gotfredsen, WQ Director and Co-Chair of the WQ Scholarship Committee, noted, “We were pleased to select both Kyra and Angelica for the 2020/21 award. Both students have already demonstrated an aptitude for the legal profession. We are confident in the skills of both of these bright young women, and we look forward to seeing them accomplish great things within their respective careers.”

WQ scholarship awards are to help cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, and room and board for the upcoming study year. The annual application deadline is 30 June.
“WQ is proud to continue providing assistance and support to aspiring Bermudian law students and graduates who are in pursuit of admission to the Bermuda Bar,” said Richard Horseman, WQ Director and Co-Chair of the WQ Scholarship Committee. “We congratulate both Kyra and Angelica on all of their accomplishments.”